Customer Reviews and Outstanding Experience Provided Enabled this Recognition among XM Software

OPINATOR is featured in G2’s Experience Management Software Grid for their Spring 2021 report, standing out as a High Performer

G2 is one of the largest tech marketplaces where businesses and professionals from different areas can discover, review, and compare the technology they need to reach their goals, through validated peer-to-peer reviews. 

As High Performer, OPINATOR highlights its outstanding customer reviews, granting an overall score of 4.8 stars, well above the average in this category and translating into high customer satisfaction. 

OPINATOR has also been valued with a 100 NPS score and 100% of reviews ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars making it a top valued Experience Management software. 

Additionally, OPINATOR was awarded the Easiest Admin and Highest User Adoption badges, acknowledging the self-manageable and intuitive usability of the software, as well as its easy implementation across one or more departments or units within a company. 

OPINATOR’s customers also value the outstanding quality of support provided, scoring 9.8 out of 10, high above the average of 9.1 for the Experience Management software category. A similar thing happens with the ease of setup, where the solution is valued with 9.7 over an average of 8.6 of other providers.


WOW Experience Management for Humans


With this recognition, OPINATOR reinforces through social proof its claim as a full, end-to-end platform and omnichannel solution for Customer Experience (CX) & Employee Experience (EX), granting a human Experience Management for all companies across different industries throughout any VoC, NPS, CSAT, or CES program.

OPINATOR provides you with an advanced graphical interface that enables you to boost response rates up to ten times compared with traditional surveys. 

Its Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, alongside Text Analytics and Close the Loop (Case Management) systems, allow companies to act on feedback in real-time, reduce customer effort and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty across every touchpoint of the customer journey.

Are you already using OPINATOR? You can leave your review here. If you are not, but you’d like to take your Experience Management to the next level and start delivering a WOW experience to your customers, let’s get in touch! 

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