Analyst Report Recognizes OPINATOR as a Voice-of-the-Customer Vendor for the Second Time in a Row

OPINATOR was recently recognized in the Now Tech: Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) Vendors, Q1 2021 Forrester report — Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) solutions should help CX professionals to successfully manage their Customer Experience efforts, but deciding how to manage Customer Experience could be a major challenge for an organization, as there is no one-size-fits-all for everyone.

Voice-of-the-Customer, or simply VoC, is usually defined as a systematic approach for collecting customer feedback while analyzing it in order to get insights and use it to make changes or decisions to improve the Customer Experience, and so, the business. VoC tools can be implemented at different levels of CX programs, throughout multiple uses.

Analyzing the full spectrum of options available may shed some light on what may be just your right fit, and here’s where the most recent Now Tech: Voice-Of-The-Customer (VoC) Vendors by Forrester could be key in choosing the right provider to cover your CX needs.

Selecting the right VoC vendor could bring different benefits, from helping you to boost response rates and engagement, to act on feedback in real-time, and reducing customer effort while turning customers into promoters, just to name a few.


OPINATOR Has Been Recognized in Forrester’s Now Tech: Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) Vendors Report in 2020 and 2021


For the second time in a row, OPINATOR is listed as a VoC vendor, in an overview of these technology providers.

OPINATOR brings the human touch to Customer Experience, enabling you to boost response rates in VoC, NPS, CX & EX Management programs with highly engaging and fully customized interactions (e.g. surveys, forms, etc.) that become an extension of your brand.

OPINATOR’s Predictive, Prescriptive, and Text Analytics capabilities, Case Management System, and fully branded, role-based dashboards enable you to act instantly on feedback, reduce points of customer effort, and drive value in each touchpoint of your customer journeys.

If you think OPINATOR it’s a good match to be your Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) solution to take your Experience Management to the next level, do not hesitate to get in touch. If you are a Forrester client, you can access the report here


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