Omnichannel Presence is a Must for those Looking to Achieve Success in their CX Efforts

Are you currently delivering an omnichannel experience when collecting Customer Feedback? Is your company able to see exactly what your customers are thinking in real-time? Could you use the collected data to make customers engage through a differentiating service? Could measuring an experience be an experience itself?

In order to be able to generate memorable experiences for your customers, you need to create meaningful interactions, and this can be achieved by providing them a WOW omnichannel digital experience. 

To be able to evolve at the same rhythm that your customers do, it is extremely important to count with the right tools and technology that will let you gather and consolidate the feedback that your customers give back to you. 

Besides the fact that today’s world advances and changes quickly, technology advances even quicker. Omnichannel immediacy is imposed as a norm to be able to adapt as the demands of your customers today are over the roof because (now, more than ever) they are “hyperconnected”, which means that the brand-customer relationships need to be carried in real-time as a necessity for your company, moreover if we’re talking about Customer Experience Management.  

With the high increase in Internet use, the majority of customers use multiple devices throughout their day to get in touch with your brand. From laptops to mobile devices, and even home appliances! This is a challenge as well as an opportunity to connect with your customers where they are.    

Is it possible to measure opinions in real-time? And how?

A key tool to be able to generate these memorable experiences, generate valuable customer information, and make the best decisions at the right time is OPINATOR. 

Deploying OPINATOR’s solutions for omnichannel CX Management offers you the information you need in real-time, so you can actually act-on-feedback right away across all the different touchpoints of your customer journeys, no matter the medium they are accessing your brand from. You can turn an inefficient process that has provoked a bad experience for your client into a positive experience!

That is why the ability to reach your customers through the right medium is essential. Businesses want a familiar and reliable platform to further nourish their relationship with their customers, and to do that, it is essential to reach them consistently through different channels, Be it web, app, email, SMS, social media, WhatsApp, IVR, NFC, QR, touch screens or physical feedback kiosks.

New Channels Highlights 

Diving deeper into one of the above, it is important to discuss how Whatsapp is playing a major role in today’s business communications and of course also in Customer Experience. 

Now you can implement your VoC and NPS programs using OPINATOR’s new ability to deliver surveys over WhatsApp, so you can boost response rates across all your Customer Experience activations. This solution works by generating custom and personalized URLs, which directly link to your highly engaging survey and that you can easily distribute over WhatsApp. Be where your customers are, be omnichannel with OPINATOR.

“1.5 billion users in 180 countries make WhatsApp the most popular messaging app in the world. “


So, to answer the questions from the beginning: it is not only possible to make your customers engage with your brand independently on the channel, but almost an obligation in today’s world. 

OPINATOR, brings the human touch to Customer Experience, enabling you to boost response rates in VoC, NPS, and CX Management programs with highly engaging and fully customized interactions (e.g. surveys, forms, etc.) that become an extension of your brand. 

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