Learn the Top Hacks to Boost the Impact of your Customer Experience Management

Successfully managing Customer Experience to increase engagement with a segmented audience in NPS, Voc, and CX Management programs can be relatively simple! David Solana (Co-founder of OPINATOR and CMO) along with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) unveiled some powerful hacks in their past webinar Say Goodbye to Boring and Ineffective Surveys – WOW CX Management Hacks for the New Decade. So you could be able to boost your response rates, identify and reduce customer effort, and drive direct value from all your CX efforts.

In case you missed the webinar, you can now watch it online:

10 Hacks for a WOW CX Management

You will learn how to boost your response rates and engagement with your customers, leaving boring and ineffective surveys behind; by implementing elements of personalization, AI, and of course, bringing a “human touch” to digital interactions:

  • Understand how and why personalized and visual interactions will increase your response rates and customer engagement.
  • Identify precisely and reduce points of customer effort.
  • Drive direct (and real) value from CX Management.

Measuring an experience should be an experience in itself, making each client experience a unique path while making them feel as it is fast, easy, and personalized just for them, leading to the establishment of an emotional relationship and bond with your customers.

These are the 10 keys that you must implement to deliver a WOW Customer Experience in your company:

  1. Build an emotional connection.
  2. Make it simple & fast!
  3. Merge measurement into business processes.
  4. Implement real-time decisioning.
  5. Personalize insights.
  6. A / B test of your surveys.
  7. Experiment with gamification and incentives.
  8. Turn comments into intelligence with Text Analytics.
  9. Close the Loop!
  10. Start generating revenue from customers’ feedback. 

Highlighting the importance of implementing a Close-the-loop and Text Analytics systems, to recognize customer emotions and reactions in real-time, and to be able to act immediately when the customer needs it most (or requests it).

You should then analyze all this data in a digestible and easy way with adavanced analytics Dashboards, also featured in OPINATOR. Including role-based visualization and powerful predictive and prescriptive widgets to make the most out of your data collection and enabling you to act-on feedback, in real-time!

Try a WOW Experience

As a small “bonus”, we wanted to offer you a WOW experience with one of our OPIs! See firsthand how different and interactive a “survey” can be, and also tell us what you think about this session!

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