Reach new horizons by unleashing all the potential of OPINATOR’s new features.


OPINATOR platform 8.0, is the result of our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement to provide solutions to our customers’ needs in a close, flexible and efficient manner.

This milestone, has been made possible thanks to the valuable feedback of our customers and our exceptional customer services team.

After collecting state-of-the-art insights, we design, prioritize and develop in a cyclical methodological way the tasks that keep our platform at peak performance amongst our competitors.

The new 8.0 version is now fully deployed and operational for all users of the OPINATOR platform whom are already boosting their CX strategies taking advantage of new features, updates and improved platform performance.

This update includes more than 25 developments focused on making your CX management more efficient and intuitive. Amongst the major improvements and updates included in this new version of OPINATOR platform, you will find:

Experience the power of Text Analytics 12 times faster!

Unlock the true potential of your data by swiftly converting unstructured information into actionable insights 12 times faster with Text Analytics.
With cutting-edge sentiment, effort, and emotion analysis, delve deeper into your data to extract valuable intelligence at an unprecedented speed.
Say goodbye to lengthy processing times and hello to real-time decision-making. Transform the way you harness data – faster, smarter, and more efficiently than ever

Read Only Dashboards or One Dashboard to Rule Them All!

With just one dashboard, unlock the ability to grant precise role-based access based on various criteria such as geography, stores, market segments, offices, products, and beyond.
Seamlessly optimize visualizations and data comprehension, allowing for efficient digestion of crucial insights. Simplify your data management process and empower your team to make informed decisions with ease.

Exporting qualified data has never been faster and easier!

Now you can download all the information contained in your widgets in CSV format.
Just one click and you’ll get all your organized and analyzed data straight to your spreadsheets.

Download valuable insights as visually detailed as you want with the new Seamless PDF feature.

A new checkbox will allow you to export and send your widgets in an extended PDF canvas, helping you to take your large dashboards’ data visualization and presentations way cleaner and smoother.

Personalize the subject line of your e-mails automatically direct from API e-mail.

Make each contact by e-mail unique and duly while avoiding mistakes, no matter how many interactions you need.
Add different carry-fields to your e-mail subjects to personalize your messages while increasing engagement and opening rates. Just let the API do the work for you!

Compliant blacklists

Simply manage your blacklists via API e-mail and be confident that you comply. Reach the right and appropriate target by using friendly control panels that segment specific users from your distribution lists.

As a result, the newest version of the OPINATOR platform is more powerful than ever, bringing robustness and quality of successfully managing your Voice of Customer, NPS and Customer Experience programs.

Discover our innovative solutions on top of our platform to transform the way your company engages with your customers.

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