Measuring an Experience Should be an Experience Itself – Deliver it with OPIs

Measuring an experience should be an experience itself. This is why OPINATOR bases the concept of interactions on what we call OPIs, multimedia forms for generating engaging interactive content that you can use to replace old, boring, and ineffective surveys and forms. 

OPIs are given relevance depending on the process or the action that is being executed at that time. Its attractiveness generates engagement and gives the idea that the survey will take a little time to complete. The more concrete and contextual the interaction, the more relevance it will have for your customers. 

Surveys with an attractive design (OPIs), boost response rates up to ten times than conventional survey designs. 

OPIs are more than a Great Design

A great design isn’t the only thing that helps to capture the interest of customers. There are other factors that enhance “that good experience”, and motivates your clients to respond:

• Safety, as OPIs appear on the usual web page or app.  Clients won’t feel as if they have been interrupted by an external, but rather connecting with your company. 

Relevance, as surveys are prompted after relevant or specific actions. E.g., if your customer is abandoning or ending a process through your webpage or app, an OPI could pop up to ask them how was their experience or why they left the process unfinished.

• Intuitive & Appealing, so that OPIs are easily understood even by non-expert digital users. A seamless workflow and an appealing interface completely based on your company’s branding.

Simplicity, because as soon as your customers are inside the form, they understand what is being asked, and the submission button is always visible or submission is automatic after the user’s selection, depending on what’s needed on each form. 




As OPINATOR takes into consideration all of these factors, we also recommend that with a few exceptions, surveys should have just a few questions, -no more than 5 or 6- with the purpose of keeping clients engaged.

In case a long survey is needed OPINATOR suggests module survey mechanisms. Module surveys of three or four linked questions are designed to find out the specific opinion of a customer on various topics.

A customer receives the survey and progresses module by module. If they were to leave the survey unfinished, the next time they are prompted they will continue from where they left. 


Can Be Integrated into Every Digital Channel

An aspect to take into consideration the way you need surveys or forms to be displayed or integrated. It is important to plan ahead touchpoints where an OPI needs to be launched.

The use of lightboxes would be best for integration on websites and web apps. Lightboxes allow you to have a comfortable view of the main display and take full advantage of the screen. OPIs guarantee you the best adaptation to fit each device properly, implementing responsive design. Another option available is using an iFrame, but it is less efficient and may involve some size restrictions.

OPIs can be also integrated at the end of a webpage, inside a clickable URL or sent through SMS. A campaign could include them over email submissions or a native integration inside mobile apps could be implemented as well as its use through Whatsapp! 

Say goodbye to boring surveys and hi to cool OPIs!

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