The OPINATOR platform stands out for integrating generative AI in various capabilities and modules.

As the term “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) becomes a central topic of discussion, confusion arises as to what constitutes AI and what does not. It is crucial to understand that not all automated technologies can be considered AI, and here the distinction between generative AI and other types of automation comes into play. 

The main difference between generative AI and other AI approaches lies in their ability to produce new content and dynamically adapt to changing situations. While conventional AIs can be highly effective at the specific tasks for which they have been programmed, such as performing specific tasks based on historical data, generative AIs can innovate and actively create, opening frontiers in fields such as customer experience analysis and data interpretation. 

In the case of OPINATOR, our platform stands out for integrating generative AI in various capabilities and modules, one of the most notable being OPINATOR Text Analytics. This tool processes text at an impressive speed and can also understand and generate content autonomously. This means that it can automatically analyze and classify large volumes of text, assigning relevant categories and executing context-specific actions. 

Being able to deeply analyze content and improve data processing efficiency allows us to identify and address emerging concerns and opportunities in real time. For example, it allows us to detect comments with an apparently neutral score, but which contain serious concerns or serious facts, sending them immediately to the specialized team for immediate attention. 

This combination of speed, accuracy and adaptability makes OPINATOR a must-have tool for companies seeking to understand and improve the customer experience in a continuous and meaningful way. 

Another OPINATOR module that takes data analytics to a whole new level is OPINATOR Close The Loop. Integrating the power of OPINATOR, Close The Loop performs a thorough data wrangling process, allowing data to be turned into valuable insights in an agile and effective manner. By analyzing this data, customized prompts are applied to detect anomalies and establish benchmarks that highlight the specific needs and trends of each customer segment, whether they are promoters, detractors or other niches. This approach makes it possible to not only understand, but also act on information quickly and accurately, ensuring that every customer interaction is meaningful and valuable. 

Moreover, the PIP (Personal Information Protection) service is a testament to the power of AI applied to data security. This intelligent algorithm solves a common security problem that occurs when the customer attempts to send sensitive information unsolicited. 

The PIP service automatically identifies and hides sensitive information being shared, such as personal data, bank accounts, passwords, etc. providing an additional layer of security and peace of mind. 

In addition, our engaging, interactive digital surveys, known as OPIs, also benefit from AI by dynamically adapting to each customer. With intelligent rules that identify categories of users, each OPI can adapt by listening to responses, processing them and applying artificial intelligence in real time and generating personalized responses, achieving one of the fundamental goals of an AI: to adapt to human conversations to deliver a unique and relevant experience for each user. 

At OPINATOR we understand that the power of artificial intelligence (AI) lies not only in the technology itself, but in how to get the most out of it, applying it efficiently in key business processes and, above all, in the human team that supports and supervises it. For this reason, we want to highlight the importance of having a team of Prompt Engineers, specialized linguists who are dedicated to analyzing the behavior of artificial intelligences themselves and who are the driving force behind our generative AI to adapt it and achieve its maximum effectiveness. 

Our commitment to safety, reliability and excellence drives every step we take on this exciting technological journey. With OPINATOR’s various modules and services, we are redefining the standards of excellence in the industry, offering intelligent solutions that not only meet today’s needs, but exceed expectations and anticipate future scenarios. In a world where innovation and security are paramount, OPINATOR stands as a cutting-edge reference, uniting the power of artificial intelligence with human talent to create a brighter and more connected future to empower your VoC program. 

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