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Close The Loop is a Key Case Management System to Improve your Experience Management

With customers demanding personalized attention and fast responses increasingly, are you still sticking to an old ticketing platform to distribute and resolve upcoming cases, if any? A Case Management System, like
OPINATOR’s Close The Loop, could mean a big difference for improving your Customer Feedback Management results and impact. 

When you measure, collect and process Customer Feedback, there are opportunities to catch and turn a bad experience into a great one, so of course, it makes sense that you are keeping an eye on KPIs and set up alerts, so your agents can receive notifications if a customer is reporting something off or if you did not meet their expectations. 

At the end of the day, when managing CX, you should be able to act on feedback in real-time, to generate real business improvements based on insights from your customers. 

When deploying Close The Loop as your Case Management solution, you can set up alerts and red flags for all your personalized and intelligent forms across all the different touchpoints of your customer journeys so you can get notified of relevant cases needing your attention. 

Diving into Close The Loop: Case Management System

As soon as cases pop up, they will display in a simple Dashboard. You can use it to distribute to the right people in your company and act on them as promptly as possible, with different personalization and managing options, including case relevance or urgency level, helping you to close cases faster. You can even measure how the closing process was for your customer by setting it up when an item is marked as completed.

With all this information, you can set up different reports to evaluate agent and team performance, close average time, and many other relevant inputs but also build on action plans to deploy business improvements in different points of customer effort.

With Close The Loop, you can get an intelligent Case Management system that allows you to go beyond data collection and ticketing management:

  • Identify and improve on points of customer effort
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Maximize revenue
  • Optimize employee performance
  • Reduce churn and negative verbiage

It’s time to start generating better insights to enable action and change! With OPINATOR’s Close The Loop & Case Management system, you will be able to act immediately on feedback and increase your CX impact. 

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