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The Value of Free Text or Unstructured Data: Text Analytics in Surveys

Textual analysis (or Text Analytics) using Artificial Intelligence is something we didn’t even dream of just a few years ago. Text Analytics systems in surveys help you extract quality information from texts that would otherwise pass by as simple unstructured data.

In an increasingly digital and pandemic-accelerated world, clients don’t have time to spend on our surveys, or maybe they do?

Clients spend more time on negative feedback than on positive, but even less time when it is a free text field (not mandatory). So it makes sense that you take full advantage of the responses you get in these fields.

  •  What does this mean for a user/client? The free text fields we have in surveys allow us to leave our real opinion without restricting it with predefined questions or limited by ranges, so they are an ideal channel for the brand to know 100% what we want to communicate.
  •  And how does it affect your company? You need to let your customers express themselves as they need to! You have to highlight the relevance of all the information given by the customer, beyond measuring the NPS and other pre-established values.


From Insights to Intelligence – The Value of Information

What is not measured, cannot be improved. There is a hidden value that is fundamental in surveyed or consulting and unstructured data because it is there where the points of improvement that the client is suggesting are discovered, and that otherwise, we would never be able to know. However, if you do not count on technical tools that allow you to organize this data in some way, this task would be hard to complete successfully. And this is where Text Analytics comes to the spotlight in surveys.

By following just 3 simple steps, you can turn the feedback you manage from your customers or employees into Business Intelligence for your company:

  1. Collect all types of information, on all channels: If you manage your CX & EX omnichannel, you can obtain feedback through OPIs (say goodbye to boring and outdated surveys now!) and/or audio transcripts, among many other sources and channels.
  2. Analyze all the information you receive: process all the information collected with an Artificial Intelligence engine that processes and organizes the data, such as the Text Analytics engine for surveys, a solution offered by OPINATOR.
  3. Organize and structure the information to act on it: extract relevant information such as hidden trends in answers, specific feedback on a product, brand reputation statements, among many other possibilities. The objective is to obtain certain patterns of behavior and extract relevant information that allows all the data collected to be transformed into real and actionable insights.

Subscribing to the services provided by a recognized company and its solutions for Experience Management is key to effectively listen to your customers and employees.

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The Information Provided by Language Thanks to Text Analytics in Surveys

A specialized system for optimizing the processing of this type of text makes the analysis much more practical, proactive, and productive.

There are systems that use intelligent tags to filter (word categorization) and organize the information collected into smaller “stacks” so that they can later be easily analyzed; others include word cloud widgets, which allow all keywords to be seen visually and simply. Finally, there are also more advanced systems, which include analysis of feelings, effort, or emotions of each response.

This is very useful information that thanks to language processing, is not only collected but also categorized, classified, and managed to encourage changes. All through Text Analytics, applied in surveys, and other types of management forms of CX and EX.

Your most valuable information could be found in the free text fields, and having the help of a tool based on Artificial Intelligence and language processing algorithms is key to categorize it. Extract real value from the feedback of your customers and employees thanks to Text Analytics in surveys with OPINATOR!

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