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CX Measurement, More Than Just a Number

You will be used to hearing this phrase by now, but measuring CX should be an experience in itself. It is essential to obtain answers and quality information for your business.

Customer Experience measurement should be executed in all touchpoints throughout the customer journey and can have a huge impact on your business processes if done the right way.

Merging CX measurement into your business processes will make your customers interact more naturally with your surveys, which will maximize engagement with your target audience and boost the response rates to your surveys.

Knowing your customers and their needs not only gives you insights that you can turn into concrete actions, but it is also a necessity and a differential value for your brand in the market.

Where is the survey? People should not realize they’re actually completing a form!

The best way to measure the Customer Experience and the Voice of the Employee is through surveys and forms that are well prepared, that are attractive to those who receive them and thus obtain higher response rates. For this reason, it is imperative to put aside the “classic” (boring and ineffective) surveys and surprise them with OPIs instead!

Keys for a CXM focused in business processes

  • Surveys according to context: your forms must be intelligent and adapt questions to specific moments or actions carried out by the user, inside or outside your form. You will thus obtain more relevant information and your customers will feel truly heard.
  • Interactions driven by events: since you may be interested in asking the user what is the reason why they have left a purchase process, or how satisfied they feel with the attention received after speaking with one of your representatives.

By implementing these two CX measurement techniques, you can obtain information as valuable as knowing where your customer came from when they responded to an OPI, or in what way they were interacting with your brand and so, focus the collected data on specific improvements in different processes.

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Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

Each client, no matter how similar you think they may be to the rest, is different and interacts with your business in a completely different way.

Take advantage of the possibilities of CX measurement and give an immediate response to each client, relevant according to their feedback, and of course, also other factors such as the segment, device from which they interact with your brand, the channel used to connect with you, among many others.

Consider these CX Measurement techniques


  • Contextual: Trigger specific interactions in each moment, process, context, and channel.
  • Event-Driven: Measure your customers’ experiences while they are still experiencing them by launching surveys and forms instantly depending on their behavior.
  • Omnichannel: Launch interactions in every channel: web pages, mobile apps, email, social networks, chatbots, etc.

As clients, we are tired of receiving boring, monotonous, and long surveys that do not differentiate where we are in the process. Our clients will not have the same feedback about the purchase process while browsing our marketplace, with high expectations about the quality of our product, that after receiving the order and seeing that we surpassed those and they have even received a detail with their order, or that it has not arrived in the expected conditions, right? Well, let’s not ask the same thing!

“Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They expect you to provide solutions when they have a problem” – Donald Porter, VP of British Airways.

Don’t miss opportunities to improve your business processes and increase your commercial value (and income), find out what needs to change thanks to CX measurement!

The different business processes also include the hardest moments for your company, such as when you cannot close an opportunity with a new lead, you lose the relationship with a client, or when you receive negative feedback for one of your efforts.

All this information will help your company to have continuous improvement and learn from the mistakes made. With OPINATOR, you can find out the reasons why your customers come back and use those to attract new ones.

Combination of techniques and channels for CX measurement

Interact with your customers through all possible channels: from the most typical, as your website, push notifications, QR codes, or social media channels, to the most innovative such as AI, WhatsApp, or of course, chatbots.

The use of digital platforms and omnichannel presence is making companies that had more digital interactions with their customers to gain more market share. It is a clear way to acquire efficiency in feedback collection and to be able to activate and deactivate channels (or processes) to adjust to what your clients need.

Start implementing positive changes in your business processes through Customer Experience measurement!

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