In Experience Management, Customers Are In Charge

The tables have turned, now, customers are the ones in charge. Undoubtedly it goes beyond saying that companies always profit from new customers of course, but there is
value in the retention of existing ones. In Experience Management, you need to give special attention to make interactions meaningful, and this can be achieved by providing them a WOW digital experience.

In recent times, the implementation of projects for listening to the client’s voice and measuring their satisfaction through digital channels has accelerated. Especially with the increasingly frequent use of the NPS methodology, a must for anyone in charge of Experience Management. These types of initiatives are part of a general tendency to enhance intelligent digital interactions with clients to improve the relationship, experience, and fidelity with them.

Through digital channels, the client’s journey and needs are heeded, via processes that use the growing digitalization to measure their experiences in alternate ways from traditional surveys launched through e-mail or SMS. The world is digital, therefore, OPINATOR believes that it is time to share our experiences and point of views about what we consider to be the best practices in the design of such interactions.

The following statement gains more strength as customers get an overflow of information daily. What a few years ago was an advantage, is now a requirement for digital interactions: Immediacy has taken over society. Everything at the touch of a screen.


Experience Design

So, given the amount of information that customers receive daily, it’s necessary to know how to intelligently interact with them. The design of these interactions must be well thought out and tailored for each client.

Keep in mind that on Experience Management, measuring CX should be an experience itself. This is why OPINATOR bases the concept of interactions on, what we call, OPIs. These are now replacing old boring surveys and forms. These are elements of personalized interaction for each specific case and client. 

OPIs are prefabricated, intelligent microprograms easy to assemble and deliver.

Their main elements are the front end, intelligent real-time management rules, and one or more response screens. But there’s more behind OPIs than building blocks, something you will discover on the second part of this piece. Additionally, OPINATOR has accumulated great experience in integrating its platform with the systems on which it operates. Be it web, app, email, SMS, social networks, WhatsApp, IVR, NFC, QR, touch screens and autonomous devices with buttons. Bring customers closer to your brand, one OPI at a time! Say goodbye with us to boring surveys and let’s say hi to cool OPIs!

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