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Experimenting with gamification and incentives in Customer Experience: promoters and detractors

There is a great deal of controversy regarding experimentation with gamification and incentives in surveys to increase participation. One side is betting on continuing to experiment with different interactive elements to achieve an increase in participation, while another side believes that it can affect the value of responses because of bias.

Our opinion? It does work, and it doesn’t have to “interfere” with the client’s decision making. There are different ways to implement gamification and incentives that positively influence your results, for example, include an incentive unexpectedly in the final screen of your survey (after completion), and thus deliver a WOW experience to your customers.

And you, which side of the scale are you?


Gamification and incentives in your CX programs to increase your benefits

The implementation of gamification and incentives has already been implemented in sectors such as education or banking, but could it also be applied to surveys and forms and generate a positive impact on Customer Experience?

Survey gamification is a strategy capable of improving the indicators of your main KPIs. In short, it allows you to obtain better results.

In the digital environment in which we find ourselves, and with so many stimuli coming from all directions, the attention we place in the most common tasks has lost quality.

Here’s where gamification and incentives take the spotlight, allowing you to motivate your clients to complete surveys, so you can empower improvement actions based on their feedback, and leaving them with a memorable experience.


“Interactive content such as games or missions generates a conversion rate of about 70%, compared to 36% for passive content”. Demand Metric

Experimentation as learning

In order to experiment with gamification and incentives in surveys, the first thing we need is a platform that allows us to implement while creating our form.

  1. You can start with a control group and test what works best
  2. Experiment with what you think works best for your clients: positive reinforcement, direct rewards, etc.
  3. Gamify surveys: make a game out of them and let your client pass tests to increase engagement!
  4. Check the evolution of response rates vs NPS and other metrics
  5. As with A/B testing in surveys, a control group allows you to experiment with only a part of your target, and thus not to devote all your efforts to a set when it comes to experimentation.

Reduce the dropout of your surveys with an attractive narrative that engages, instead of the typical questions you have always asked them; or positively reinforce their answers with surprise elements as they progress in your survey.

Forget about boring or overlooked surveys, which are completely ineffective, and increase your users’ engagement with tests or challenges that create a need for them to continue interacting with you. Turn a common task into something attractive and epic. You can learn a lot from your users by analyzing how they interact with your survey.

Remember that the analysis through Dashboards is fundamental to know what has worked and how response rates, for example, compare between your control surveys and those implementing gamification and incentives.

You will get more quality information from your customers and increase your CX impact while generating a WOW experience for them with some interactive elements that will let your customers know their feedback is valuable for your company.

Reduce the dropout of your surveys and improve the indicators of your main KPIs thanks to the experimentation of gamification and incentives in feedback collection and measurement to deliver a WOW experience to your customers.

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