Enable Immediate Action and Change with OPINATOR’s Real-Time Case Management and Close The Loop System


As you may know by now, in 2020 “just” being a digital business no longer makes the cut. So, what is Customer Experience in our now-more-than-ever digital world? The omnichannel availability of all businesses and people around the world, being digital is no longer an advantage, it’s a necessity.  Close the loop

So when customers reach out to you, and they send you their feedback from so many different channels and devices, and when you are measuring their experiences in so many different touchpoints… is it still possible to monitor and even improve those experiences when something is off? Where do businesses direct these customers in need?

Let us tell you, it is still possible. All you need is to be able to “Close the Loop”.


Case Management

Close the Loop is a Case Management system, understood as a set of functionalities that contribute to the generation and management of exceptional cases or situations obtained as a result of digital interactions with users. These cases require specific notification, registration and monitoring until the exceptional situation has been properly managed.

Digitalization, of course, changes the way customers function and change as well the expectations customers have, they expect their problems to be properly solved, and in a timely manner. This is attainable with Close The Loop functionalities.  

“Consumers are expecting experiences to be easy, to be frictionless. That’s the experience they get from their connected world, and they expect that same experience from businesses.” Richard McCrossan

Recognizing where exactly the customer is along their journey is key to make sure the interactions they are having are part of what the customer really wants to achieve.

OPINATOR’s fully autonomous and real-time Case Management & Close The Loop system includes a set of high-value functionalities, from the customer’s first interaction, case generation & management, satisfaction at case-closure, generation of insights, control & visualization over dashboards, action plans,  communications with customers and stakeholders, among other features, plus advanced reporting. With this system, your business can improve your customer’s experience where you need it the most. 


Meet your Customer’s Expectations

Along with the system, there is a set of capabilities that makes the journey smooth and arrive at a concluded state. Real-time alerts are key to make sure that quality assistance and time management happens the right way. As easy as color-coded phases, you will be able to know on what stage your customer is on their journey, of course, based on how you decide to customize how to organize the panels in the OPINATOR platform.

The purpose of this functional specification is to make effective the intention of companies to maintain contact with their customers in all phases of their journey with them. 

Once the initial customer’s attraction and acquisition phases have been completed, a “close the loop” phase is necessary. An example of how this might come to life is per se, a company sends a satisfaction survey through the OPINATOR platform, depending on the answer customer gives, an alert can be set to contact that person immediately if they were unsatisfied with the service. Along with getting in touch with the unhappy customer, an alert can be generated to ring to a local supervisor, per se, and get the problem fixed. 

This will enable companies to generate a relationship of trust with their customers, in order to use the best strategies to contribute to their decision-making and improve the image of the corporation. It’s time to start generating better insights to enable action and change! 

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