Take advantage of OPINATOR’s new features and boost your CX program.


OPINATOR is always in constant development of new features based on the feedback received from our customers and users, as well as from our own team.

This improvement process is cyclical and methodological where priorities, strategies, tasks and development deadlines are established and included in each Sprint.

The new version 6.24.0 is now fully deployed and operational so that all users of the OPINATOR platform can boost their CX programs with new features, updates and improved performance.

Amongst the improvements and updates included in this new version of OPINATOR, you can find:

The powerful OPIs, now even more powerful and secure with PIP.

Handle personal and sensitive data securely by adding the new PIP (Personal Information Protection) extension.

Integrate PIP on the fields you want to protect, mask and anonymize the responses by converting them into maximum security labels.

Create custom filters and speed up your searches in OPINATOR Close the Loop.

Get the speed you need with just one click! With the new customizable filters, each manager can configure and save different filters to streamline case management in the OPINATOR Close the Loop module.

A powerful SMS campaign manager

Automate everything! Make campaigns even more effective and intelligent, reducing manual tasks and optimize the processes.

New Canvas-like reports

All the important information you need more stylish, concise, in a single PDF, and ready to complement your best presentations.

Discover more than 60 new enhancements and features

In addition, the new update includes more than 60 new enhancements to existing modules and processes making the performance and stability of OPINATOR unparalleled.
In conclusion, the new version of the OPINATOR platform is further optimized with new and more advanced features, which bring robustness and quality to the processes of successfully managing your Voice of Customer, NPS and Customer Experience programs.

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