It is Key to Boost your CX Programs in Face of the COVID-19

Should I continue to implement CX programs in my company due to what the world is facing today? This is a valid question, and the answer is YES

The crisis caused by the Coronavirus is shaping how businesses and consumers are keeping in contact. Most communications have switched to digital channels, which explains why Internet use has increased considerably worldwide. The Guardian reported that, as of March 18, there was a 50% increase in internet use in the UK, where the effects of the virus are just beginning to affect the British.   

If consumers are using digital channels more than ever, and projections indicate that internet traffic will continue to rise, it is time to act. We should take a moment to think about how to take advantage of the situation and see the gaining aspects of it. 

For nearly a decade, OPINATOR has been helping companies around the globe to generate, manage, and monetize engaging and smart digital interactions (e.g. surveys) to drive value from Customer Experience Management, and this is now more important than ever. 


An Increase in Digitalization Equals the Potentiation of CX programs 

If your clients depend solely on digital channels, it makes sense to keep listening and continue running your CX programs, and even developing new ones to measure the impact that the situation is having on the experience that your customers are having. 

For example, Netflix, the streaming entertainment giant, has experienced a temporary outage during the first days of quarantine in Spain.

It would be interesting to know what the experience of its users was like during this period of time. Has the service declined? Would they unsubscribe? Is competition offering better stability? Does the offer of services adjust to the current need of the consumer? These are questions that all companies should ask themselves in these circumstances, regardless of the industry

Now, more than ever, companies must focus in offering an excellent digital experience, so it is important to have an effective CX program that can give you insightful data to know how to act. 

Analyze And Act In Real-Time 

Think about this, if the Customer Experience you offer to your consumers is exceptional during this situation, it will set a precedent and strengthen the image they have of your brand. You must be agile and implement changes as situations present themselves, contrary to the idea that leads the world to think of “stopping everything”. This could be a great occasion to increase your NPS, or collect the Voice of the Customer by bulks. 

During isolation, people will appreciate your closeness and to know that you take them into account. Likewise, it is probable that there is a greater willingness to give feedback, so you could experience an increase in your response rates.


Your CX Programs, In Good Hands

At OPINATOR, we are at your service to offer our expertise in Customer Experience management and maximize your CX programs and efforts. 

Since the beginning of this situation, we have advised companies on how to handle their CX programs, as we put into action our advice of not to stop but to move forward. We are focused on our clients being successful and support them in every way we can. 

We will continue with a positive attitude during these difficult times, and we’ll keep on providing valuable content in order to obtain beneficial results, by helping you to deliver unforgettable experiences to your clients.

The OPINATOR team.

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