Make Valentine’s Day a significant date for your NPS lovers

2020 has been amazing so far, and hey, February is finally here! Well, you will surely know what is on everyone’s mind right now… don’t you?

The hype for online shopping on Valentine’s Day is as strong as it is for Black Friday and even Christmas. So, this next February the 14th be ready not to miss such an amazing opportunity! Lovers are beginning to look for Valentine’s gift ideas or special deals, so this is a great chance for you to invest in a smart and actionable Customer Experience program to increase customer satisfaction (and your sales!).

According to a recent survey from the National Retail Federation, 51% of Americans are celebrating Valentine’s Day this 2020 and, to honor the awaited love day, it’s estimated that there will be a $1.6B increase from last year’s spending.

What are lovers spending on, you may ask?

Studies say that people celebrating Valentine’s are willing to spend much more than they used to this 2020.

  • $3.9 billion on jewelry…
  • $3.5 billion on an evening out…
  • $2.1 billion on clothing…
  • $1.9 billion on flowers…
  • $1.8 billion on candy…
  • $1.3 billion on gift cards…
  • and $933 million on greeting cards.


Nowadays most shopping (like almost everything else these days) takes place in the digital environment. This is why at OPINATOR we are willing to help you optimize the experiences you deliver to your customers online, leaving them with a WOW effect. There’s no questioning whether or not this is a good investment, it’s a necessary one to be able to engage with your digital audience.

Customers are driving all industries. The key is to keep customers in the center of any strategy analysis. How do we achieve this? By understanding their customer journey. This is why Valentine’s Day is a crucial date that should not be dismissed on the calendar of any CX professional.

Understanding what channel your customers mainly use, how long they stay on certain pages, what products they are searching for and why. All of these questions lead to a deep understanding of your customers. This enables you to create personalized experiences for them which leads to a final sale and a loyal customer.

So remember, on Valentine’s Day customers are trying to create unique experiences, and ready to receive an exceptional customer experience from you.

If something goes wrong, believe it they will let you know. If the experience was phenomenal and everything worked out perfectly, they will probably also be satisfied and let you know.

Taking the Most Out of Valentine’s Day

Since we’re talking about measuring experiences, with the help of an optimized Text Analytics service you will be able to set a foundation of the data your customers leave behind. This way you can start tracing what your strengths and weaknesses are.  With Valentine’s lovers, you must act in real-time, and in an intelligent manner. OPINATOR’s Intelligent Text Analytics tool enhances the possibility for you to categorize received feedback (verbatims), and even create red flags when issues need to get managed, ASAP!

So, harnessing the consumer’s awareness of their experience, needs and wants is a unique opportunity for you to get to know your customers and become better at what you do. With OPINATOR, it’s possible to deliver WOW experiences by implementing a wide variety of executions, like gamification, personalized interactions and much more, all in a unique and attractive way that only we can offer.

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