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Shopping experiences are no longer what they used to be. According to a 2018 research from Salesforce, 67% of shoppers start their journey on Google or Amazon but somewhere along the way decide that buying in-store is more convenient in that moment. Additionally, 50% of shoppers buy in-store for the first time, but of those in-store shoppers a whopping 71% use their smartphone to supplement their in-store buying experience. It becomes evident that not only are consumers leaning towards digital shopping, but also that the customer journey is more omnichannel today than ever before, combining physical and digital touchpoints.

Get Better Insights and Reduce Customer Effort

With OPINATOR’s Real-Time Customer Experience Management platform it’s possible to generate and manage customer interactions in a new, smarter, and more engaging way over every channel to boost engagement while shaping the customers’ experience according to their expectations, both on and offline, capturing the top-of-mind position that is so coveted in today’s marketplace.

Omnichannel in OPINATOR

The competition for the attention of customers is growing every year and OPINATOR enables companies to manage customer journeys over multiple channels while providing real-time insights and close the loop capabilities, making consumers feel heard and tended to, all through very visually appealing interactions that they will surely remember.

Offering a powerful web-based solution with a highly visual front-end and a robust back-end, OPINATOR delivers in-depth analytical capabilities to design and manage innovative, flexible, and engaging customer interactions over multiple channels. Turn every digital interaction into a new, “wow” experience with highly visual, personalized and fully responsive forms that boost engagement and response rates in VoC, NPS and Customer Feedback Management programs.

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