It’s been an exciting year for OPINATOR. Over the last twelve months, the dream that began as a startup in 2011 has grown rapidly into a major Customer Experience Management software product. We have seen our offices grow with four times as many people, and our reach expand to more than 25 countries. These recent efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, as we were recently recognized and awarded twice by the B2B premium review website FinancesOnline after they conducted a review of OPINATOR.

OPINATOR takes two wings for CX Management


Our first achievement is the Rising Star 2018 award, which symbolizes our growth spurred by our large international brand clients like BBVA, The North Face, Orange, Leroy Merlin and Santander. We are proud of this award as well as our inclusion in the FinancesOnline top 15 list for customer experience management software because it represents the idea that drives our transformation and pushes us forward to improve and expand our services even further. Over the last few years, we have improved our services, adding capabilities such as text analytics, close-the-loop, alert systems and integration with chatbots. We update our platform every two weeks, adding new tools that fit the changing needs of our customers.

We were also granted the Great User Experience award for 2018, given to us because of the simplicity and flexibility our clients get when they use our services, and our ability to improve our services to fit our customers’ current and future needs. We strive to give our clients not only a platform that allows them to build ideal customer journeys, but also to work together with them to ensure success implementing OPINATOR’s expansive capabilities. This is why we have also received a 100% customer satisfaction rating in our review and were recommended in the platform’s popular what are the benefits of CEM software guide.

We would like to thank FinancesOnline for supporting OPINATOR, giving us a chance to be placed directly against our competitors, allowing our clients to compare alternatives, learn more about us, and submit their own reviews about their experience with our platform. Please visit to post your own review of OPINATOR by clicking that link, and thanks for your support through another amazing year. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for 2018!

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