Have you ever thought about how to achieve a human touch minus the human in the equation with analytical automation?

Discover how you can make your VoC, NPS and CX Management programs more efficient! Think about a moment in your life where something memorable happened, that exact moment where your perception about something shifted. Of course, since it is something remarkable you’d naturally want to share it with your friends or loved ones.

These don’t happen often, but, imagine if that same effect happened when you interacted with a company. A human effect through technological mediums creating a WOW experience. (Which, hopefully, they’d also share with their friends and loved ones through different mediums).

When a WOW moment happens between a customer and a company, there is a well thought out strategy from the CX team behind the curtains.

With well thought out tactics and tools, companies are now taking into consideration everything about their customers. Making them, the center of their engagement efforts. In order to get to the buyer persona identity, companies must understand and know their audience on a deeper level.

What do customers expect? How can a company’s product adapt to their necessities? Do these customers have an emotional connection with the product or furthermore, the company? Why are they choosing product A over product B? 

Like everything in life, we can´t live WOW experiences 24/7 but it is the ability to pinpoint exactly when those moments happen that may give leverage to an organization. Companies have the responsibility to create these WOW moments intentionally. But, how do they know how?

Learning from their customers’ journey.  With these insights, they can meet customers in the sweet spot. With the knowledge and insights companies have, they can give their customers exactly what they are fetching for… WOW!

Analytical Automation to Boost Efficiency

From the perspective of a company or business that wants to increase revenue and boost productivity, and analytical automation tool is a must.  From a CX perspective, these tools are extremely necessary, and companies need an infrastructure that is both scalable and reliable.

The advantages of having this toolset to disposition come in hand with advanced automation campaign possibilities. This enables information with understanding customers’ engagement, improving conversations and therefore driving an increase in revenue. 

OPINATOR’s Analytical Automation tools will easily let companies send email campaigns, gamification, referral programs and more. For example, when sending email campaigns OPINATOR provides you with a detailed status of your campaign. Identifying if each email was delivered, bounced, open or even clicked.

According to our internal marketing guru:

Is not about “wiping off” the human side of things when “automating”, it is about how to use new tools and technology to help you boost efficiency, without losing human essence.

Marketing Expert, from the OPINATOR team

So, going back to the update regarding campaigns: It also has the ability to filter categories or export data into common formats compatible with your CRM for widespread use.

Its capabilities go beyond what was recently mentioned. In the graphic below you can see more advantages and tools to your disposition. 

Check out all the new Analytical Automation capabilities on our platform!

In the end, creating a human touch through AI is possible, and now more than ever a necessity for companies trying to create a connection with their customers.

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