How to Generate Revenue from Your CX, VoC, and NPS Programs


OPINATOR always seeks to share its knowledge on Customer Experience and in this way help stakeholders to build effective CX and VoC programs, and it has been an honor is to have shared this space with Maxie Schmidt, VP, Principal Analyst at FORRESTER, a leading advisor in the field.

Through OPINATOR’s experience we have understood the key VoC challenges our clients are facing, specially proving ROI from their programs.

It is known that the world has been evolving rapidly into the Digital Age, especially as a result of the Pandemic, therefore calling for immediate action from companies to create new and improved strategies in CX.

Meanwhile, most companies are not taking advantage of key opportunities brought upon by Digital because they still rely on basic Surveys to receive customer feedback, and as a result are losing infinite opportunities of increasing value for customers and for their businesses.

In order to create an effective CX program, it is necessary to create feedback as an experience by making interactions more emotional, personalized and monetizable.
David Solana

Co-Founder, OPINATOR

To sum up, a survey should be an attempt to talk to customers on their ground, with specific information about them to improve their experience, and with OPIs we can do just this and more. Certainly, OPIs increase your response rates, improve the quality of insights and increase ROI, because they build conversations and generate improved data for the business to make better decisions.

Digital is here to stay, so NOW is a great opportunity to start the conversation and take advantage of the interactions you are already creating, act on your feedback and start generating value from your VoC, and CX programs.

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