There is a ton of hype around Black Friday & Thanksgiving weekend, let’s make the most of it.

Don’t believe consumers have low expectations, let’s prove that even on this date, CX is key for all businesses, shall we? By the way, Enjoy Black Friday & Thanksgiving everyone.

Shoppers know that it’s going to be a rough day of sales-hunting, which is actually a hidden opportunity to surprise them with an unexpected experience, surely something they won’t forget once the dust has settled.

Customer service precedes the shopper’s presence in the store, and on Black Friday weekend it’s unlikely many consumers will have the undivided attention of an employee so, automated customer service, chatbots, and virtual assistants come to the rescue.

A solution…

One way we at OPINATOR are innovating this experience is by integrating Artificial Intelligence into Chatbots that help our clients quickly address concerns, and more importantly, analyze conversations with Natural Language Processing.

With this tool, we add data into predictive analytics in order to get to know our consumers better and continuously create a more personalized experience, garnering higher consumer loyalty and ideally increasing revenue for our clients.

Black Friday & Thanksgiving season, and its subsequent weekend, and Cyber Monday were not always a powerhouse date when it came to sales and shopping activity, but ever since 2005, it has been the busiest day of the year for retailers and consumers and equally as chaotic. According to Adobe Analytics…

Online sales Black Friday jumped 23.6 % from a year ago

Cyber Monday sales online are expected to set a new record of $7.8 billion, up nearly 18% from last year.

Source: CNBC, 2018

With great anticipation for the year’s largest sale date, consumers begin to wonder about what products they want, pricing, and availability along with several other fairly simple doubts.

Proactive retailers, marketplaces and brands foresee consumer questions and prepare accordingly in every channel available. This proactive investment in consumer experience sets a foundation of data, and loyalty, that if traced to the end of the customer journey, can help assess the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s funnel process.

Harnessing the consumers’ awareness of their experience, needs and wants is a unique opportunity for companies who care, to get to know their customers and become better at what they do. With platforms like OPINATOR its possible to WOW potential and existing customers with gamification, personalized experiences and much more, all in a unique and attractive way that only we can offer. 

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