We live in a world saturated with information which, as consumers, makes it increasingly difficult to find accurate and reliable sources of information about a brand, marketplace, product or service. OPINATOR RealReviews is a new service that will enable you to increase the trust of your customers in your brand and drive new potential purchasers to your website.

With OPINATOR’s Real-Time Customer Experience Management platform you can generate and manage customer interactions in a new, smarter, and more engaging way over every digital channel to boost engagement in VoC, NPS and CEM programs (up to 10X responses in some cases), identify and reduce points of customer effort, and get customized dashboards with detailed insights including Key Driver Analysis, Text Analytics and Predictive Analysis.

User insights that are generated through real interactions between a company and its customers can be used internally to improve processes and reduce points of customer effort. Now, with OPINATOR RealReviews, these insights can also be used externally to help you turn satisfied customers into advocates, improve your company’s SEO, and increase conversion rates.

If you’re interested in learning more about RealReviews and how this and many other OPINATOR solutions can help you improve customer experience and drive revenue for your business please contact us at hi@opinator.com.

RealReviews will be widely available in early 2019.

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