European directives once again update consumer protection regulations: Brands will have to be more transparent and demonstrate the veracity of their reviews.


The importance of reviews as a strategic factor in leveraging our customers’ purchasing decisions is a fact we all know, but we don’t always rationalize and understand how the different mechanisms and algorithms involved work or how it is being sold and how it affects our customers’ purchasing decisions.

For some time now, some companies have engaged in practices that aim to “hack the algorithm”, creating reviews through fictitious user profiles, in order to increase positive ratings and thus achieve a better positioning through SEO in the different search engines. But this is no longer legal in the European Union as of May 28, 2022.

What does this mean or how can it affect us? – Well, there is a change in the rules in relation to the veracity of opinions on the Internet and customer reviews are put in the crosshairs of the new obligations established by the Law.

As a result, businesses that fail to comply, risk penalties that can lead them to pay heavy fines. Up to 2 million if they affect several European countries.

Additionally, it is considered unfair to grant higher classifications or scores to goods without clarifying if they are, or are not, part of a paid advertisement or a specific campaign.

Other deceptive practices are included in this category – when a brand does not identify the users or the veracity of their opinions, commissioning third parties’ false reviews or consumer approvals, or distorting them in order to promote said brand.

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It’s time to get on the right track, avoid unfair practices and reinforce the reputation of your products and services by obtaining real and transparent recommendations and reviews.

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