Vitamins are essential to keep your body working properly and staying healthy. Likewise, to stay up in the game and be at one’s best, in OPINATOR we believe in the power of vitamin V: The VALUE of CX Programs.


According to Forrester, 7 out of 10 companies will prioritize their Customer Experience investment in 2022. Why? –  Because we are on the verge of realizing the real added value of CX to the organization and therefore to your revenue.

In short, if you already have a CX program running in place, then you are on the right track.

Moreover, it seems inevitable to recognize your value, your efforts, and your team. But, what about the results?, how can we share them and demonstrate their importance, even when it is not so clear and there is a lack of vitamin V? That is the challenge CX teams are facing today.

To demonstrate VALUE and ROI, CX programs must move beyond listening to action. We’ve all been asked to fill out a survey or form at some point in our lives and we know it’s tedious and we don’t always see change afterward.

We cannot deny the fact that filling out a form can be quite tiring for most people. Most programs depend on surveys but have faced headwinds. It depends on how you ask, when you ask, who you ask and what you ask.

Customers can be quite cautious before answering a survey. Is it going to be considered? how? And most importantly, do your answers make a difference?

If so, from a company’s point of view, it should mean a better understanding of your customers’ needs and pain points, having them as advocates for your brand, and as a result, a clear view of your company’s ROI.

Personalization is a key to show your customers that you are focused on them and them alone. One at a time, on their journey with your brand in the different situations they may encounter in the digital and non-digital environment. By making the experience of promoting feedback easy, layered, and with the flow, you will lead customers to share their thoughts and experiences at different touchpoints effortlessly and engagingly.

A CX program is successful when it demonstrates relevance and produces a change in the customer journey, brand loyalty, or it solves problems promoting engagement.

In other words, it acts after listening. It is in the act of listening and taking customer feedback into account that the VALUE of the CX Program rests. It is the fuel to nurture your program and to create a more engaged and enduring relationship with your customers.

To sum up, in OPINATOR we try to be one step ahead and help our customers foresee that VALUE in their feedback strategies. Allowing vitamin V to be at the highest level possible. As we like to say: an OPI a day keeps the doctor away.

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